Wednesday, October 14, 2009

remember us?

Hi Friends,
I hope this entry finds everyone doing well. Even though I am horrible at posting I think of all my blogger friends every day and continue to see wonderful things happening with everyone. Chloe Faith's sister was born 10/8 - sweet Sophia Carmen! Praising Jesus for this sweet baby and for the blessings of their two daughters.

We are having a great time with sweet AnnaGrace. She is pretty perfect!! Right now however, we are nursing the flu in our house. Pray that baby stays well as I am forced to be in her face since I still breast feed her. Kailey, Allison and myself have the flu and Chris is well on his way:( Yuck.

Anyway - here are a few pics of my precious girls. Have tons more but no patience with the posting thing. I am so not computer savvy. As you can see, AnnaGrace has paved her way by having the big Brown eyes. And I would also like to share a praise for our family when Allison was baptised in June this year. Kailey and Allison have both accepted Jesus as their savior and have followed with baptism and I am so thankful and proud.
Love you all!