Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Mary Grace!

Happy 2nd Birthday Mary Grace. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I held your perfect little body in my arms. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I rubbed my nose all over your sweet face and heard your sweet little gurgles. Your skin was so soft and you smelled so good. I would give anything to have those moments back. But…that’s a mute point I guess. Just yesterday I felt my arms ache for you….the literal ache that I haven’t felt in a while. The ache to hold your 3 lb petite body in my arms. It made me want to drive to the hospital and find a premature baby and ask if I could hold her/him. Think they would call the police when a crazy momma came asking for that? I prayed the other night, like so many that God would allow me to dream of you and to somehow feel you in my arms as I slept, like I did the night you went to be with Jesus.

A day has not or will ever go by that I do not miss you. That I do not look back in my rear view mirror and know that one of my girls is missing. There will never be a Christmas that goes by that I do not know that there is one of my daughters that I do not have to shop for, that there is one list that I do not have to check off; misery. There will never be a birthday of yours that goes by that I will know what to do with myself. There will never be any holiday really, Valentine’s Day, Easter etc. that I am not reminded that I should be preparing for 4 girls. But….all that comes back to remind me that you are real to me, you are real to our family and death cannot change that. It reminds me that I am a mother to four perfect girls and that because of Jesus that’s forever! I know you are perfectly happy with our Maker and I have peace about that…..but I miss you, I always will.

His GRACE is sufficient and I will rest in His arms because that is the only true comfort I will ever have.

I praise Him today for you, my sweet Mary Grace Summons. I will praise Him forever. You brought me joy unspeakable and full of glory!! I love, love, love you.

Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet Jacob Ryan too!

He will shield you with His wings!! They will shelter you. His faithful promises are your armor. Psalm 91:4


Just Me said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Mary Grace! Although I have never met your family, they remain in my thoughts and prayers, for your life, though too short, blessed me too. January 14, 2008 was a very special day, and I pray that January 14, 2010 is filled with little blessings for your family who misses you every day.

The VW's said...

Love, Hugs and Prayers to your family on Mary Grace's 2nd Birthday!!!

Kelly said...

I know these birthdays are soooo very bittersweet. Like you, we too should have 4 girls instead of your blog really speaks to my heart!

Please know we will be lifting you up in prayer...

Your little Mary Grace will be on everybodies heart and mind today as we lift your family in prayer!

God bless you all...

Kelly and Family
Mommy to 4 girls - Parent to 3

Baby Jacob said...

I love you and thank God for our precious miracles who were birthed the same day. What precious gifts. I love you.


boltefamily said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I am so thankful for you!

Love you Kim!

Emily said...

Happy 2nd birthday, beautiful Mary Grace! I am praying for the Lord to show you, Kim, sweet ways to celebrate the third sister's birthday with all the girls today. I love and miss you SO much.

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Kenzie said...

I love you precious friend! I'm sure you got my message and know that I can't wait to talk to you soon.

Happy 2nd birthday Mary Grace! You have changed so many lives in the short hours that you were here and we will forever be grateful to the Lord for that! I know you had a beautiful party today... you and Jacob celebrating together!

Love always,

Debbie said...

Happy birthday Mary Grace. You and your family are in our thoughts today.

Kirsten said...

Happy birthday Mary Grace!! What a beautiful post Kim. Love and hugs to you today as you celebrate your sweet girl.